TV and Speaker Advice

4 Reasons to Choose a Powered Speaker

There's a whole host of factors that need to be considered when you're looking at speakers, but one of the most important is whether to go for powered or unpowered. It's an easy enough distinction to understand: powered speakers (sometimes known as 'self-powered speakers') have built-in amplifiers, while unpowered speakers must use an external amplifier. Both have the

Reasons Why Conference Organizers Should Consider Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a reliable asset when you need to make a presentation during a conference. Speakers will make a presentation audible enough even for people seated at the rear end of an arena. Today, almost all portable speakers have Bluetooth wireless technology, which enhances the quality of sound while eliminating the need for long cables that often run across

3 Ways to Find the Right PA System for You

PA systems have advanced rapidly over the last few years and are now more affordable but more effective and advanced than ever before. They are the perfect system to take your sound beyond just a simple microphone and really project your message to whoever you need to reach. However, with so many brands, packages and options on the market, how do you find the PA syste

A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Home Speakers

No matter how high-tech your home's stereo system, you need to have it connected to high-quality speakers in order to enjoy its sound. Home speakers can greatly vary in price, so you'll want to consider all their various features and what they offer before making a buying decision. This will ensure you don't overpay on a set of speakers that don't work for your needs