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Reasons Why Conference Organizers Should Consider Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a reliable asset when you need to make a presentation during a conference. Speakers will make a presentation audible enough even for people seated at the rear end of an arena. Today, almost all portable speakers have Bluetooth wireless technology, which enhances the quality of sound while eliminating the need for long cables that often run across a conference facility. Remember that a device that connects to a portable speaker should have wireless connection capability. Here are some reasons why conference organisers should consider speaker hire.

Support Multiple Devices

Portable speakers support several gadgets such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and microphones. All that is needed is to pair one device to the speaker in a seamless fashion, and you are ready to go. Even though Bluetooth technology supports several devices, only one device can be connected at a time. It means that a presenter has to finish and disconnect their gadget from the speakers to allow another device to be connected.

Link Up Several Speakers

Most portable speakers can be paired to improve sound quality in a room. If a presentation is being made in a hall, several speakers can be set up at selected locations and paired through the wireless connection. Note that during pairing, audio quality is affected by the distance between a speaker and the pairing device. Therefore, consider optimal distance when setting up portable speakers if you wish to experience quality sound.  

Rechargeable Battery

During a presentation, a power outage can inconvenience proceedings because speakers that are powered by electricity will cease to function. However, portable speakers run on rechargeable batteries. The batteries can keep the speakers going for several hours thereby giving someone ample time to finish their presentations. In this sense, when there is no electricity, and you do not have power backup, portable speakers could save the day, thereby enabling all conference attendants to participate effectively.

Check for Interference

Other than distance, ensure that there are no sources of interference when connecting portable speakers. Interference affects the quality of the wireless connection, which in turn affects sound quality. Notably, walls can limit connectivity by blocking sound waves. As such, your layout should be free of barriers for optimal performance. Also, ensure that people are not seated, at the same level, between a connected device and the speaker because of the likelihood of interference. Try to elevate the speakers to stay away from barriers.