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3 Ways to Find the Right PA System for You

PA systems have advanced rapidly over the last few years and are now more affordable but more effective and advanced than ever before. They are the perfect system to take your sound beyond just a simple microphone and really project your message to whoever you need to reach. However, with so many brands, packages and options on the market, how do you find the PA system which will get the job done? 

While there are lots of technical details to think about, narrowing down your options before you get to the details stage is important. Different brands design different PA systems for every application imaginable. The PA system you chose should be able to meet your needs for several years at least and meet the intricacies of your particular situation. 

Here are three ways to find the right PA system for you, before you think about which brand to buy.

What will you be using it for?

PA systems are found in a huge range of industries. Bars and nightclubs, indie rock bands and even schools and businesses find that they need a PA system to meet their needs. Think about the particular requirements of your industry before you start to look for options. A school, for example, may need a more versatile system which can be adapted for use in assemblies but also used during the drama department's end-of-year show. A band, on the other hand, may need a system which can be plugged into the guitarists's pedals and the drummer's microphone. 

Where will you be using it?

Depending on the venue you are planning to put your PA system into, you will have different requirements. While a small comedy bar may not need a huge setup to host live performers, if you want to put a PA system into your bar for live bands, you will need a better setup. A key consideration here is also outdoor space. If the PA system needs to run outside, you need to invest in a set specifically designed for the challenges of outdoor life.

Will you need to move it?

While many PA systems will just stay in one place for their lifespan, anyone who is planning on moving the equipment, for example bands on tour, will need to make sure the equipment can be easily moved without damaging it. Often, brands will produce PA systems designed for life on the road, though you may be able to adapt kit with wheels for example to make it more portable.